Dr Ingid Thie Family Dentist
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Dr. Ingrid Thie, D.D.S.

Experienced Dental Professional with over 35 Years of Excellence

Dr. Ingrid Thie is a highly accomplished and skilled dentist with an impressive career spanning more than 35 years. With a deep passion for oral health care and a commitment to patient well-being, she has established herself as a trusted name in the dental community.

Education and Early Career

Dr. Thie’s journey into dentistry began with her pursuit of academic excellence. She graduated on the dean’s honors list from the University of Ottawa before going on to the University of Western Ontario, where she earned her Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) degree. During her studies, she demonstrated exceptional clinical acumen and a genuine interest in enhancing the lives of her future patients.

Professional Milestones

Throughout the years, she has successfully treated a diverse array of dental conditions, ranging from routine oral hygiene care to complex restorative procedures. Her gentle approach and empathetic nature have endeared her to patients of all ages, making her a favorite among families seeking comprehensive dental care.

Innovative Dental Solutions

As a firm believer in staying ahead of the latest advancements in dentistry, Dr. Thie continually expands her knowledge and skills through ongoing professional development. She also ensures in updating her office with the latest and best dental equipment. Her commitment to embracing cutting-edge technologies and evidence-based practices ensures that her patients receive the highest quality dental care.

Patient-Centric Philosophy

Dr. Thie is renowned for her patient-centric approach. She takes the time to listen to her patients; concerns, understand their unique needs, and craft personalized treatment plans. Her caring demeanor and ability to communicate complex dental concepts in a simple, accessible manner foster an environment of trust and comfort.

In Her Spare Time

Dr. Thie enjoys spending time with her family, who live in both Canada and the USA. She loves reading books, swimming, and taking her four grandchildren to events around London when they come to visit.